Choose Vinyl Zeppathon or Digital (CD) Zeppathon from the "Home" page or the "Zeppathon Menu" and you'll be taken to the album menu.

Click or tap to play the album you want to hear first and the video for side 1 will play including the lyrics.

When side 1 is complete, side 2 will play automatically. (Tap to play side 2 on mobile devices)

When you've finished side 2 (or side 4 of Physical Graffiti), you will automatically be taken back to the album menu to choose your next album. Your Zeppathon progress is indicated by a green checkmark on the album covers you've already played. You cannot select these albums again during the same Zeppathon session.

Continue until you've completed all 9 studio albums in any order and you'll be prompted to add your name to the "LED ZEP FANS" page.


1. Update your browser. Zeppathon is optimized for Chrome but will also work with the latest browser versions.

2. Make sure you have enough time to complete the Zeppathon. You cannot save your progress in the application, although you can pause the video.

3. Do not close your browser or you will lose your progress and have to restart.

4. Do not use the browser controls for Back, Forward, Home etc. or you may lose your progress and have to restart.

5. Any links on the page are SAFE to follow while you are doing the Zeppathon. They will open a NEW window so you WON'T lose your progress. (On mobile devices, you can return to the Zeppathon and continue your progress.)

6. If your connection is slow, you may experience buffer delay. In this case you can either wait for the video to resume (safe choice) or you can refresh your browser which may or may not result in the loss of your Zeppathon progress.

7. Do not login and begin a Zeppathon on another computer when you have a Zeppathon in progress elsewhere or you will lose your progress when the current album finishes playing.

8. Use the menu near the bottom of each page to navigate. Clicking on "MAIN MENU" will usually get you where you want to go.

9. On PC's, hover for additional information.

10. If you experience any problems or if you have any questions, email Please include your browser and version.

Rock and Roll!


2016 Zeppathon™

Led Zeppelin - Best Rock Band Ever